About Chained Vampires
Unique NFT collection of 7,000 auto-generated Vampires with high reflection ratios, life-time royalty and gaming experience. Built on Avalanche.
Chained Vampires are NFT collection of 7,000 uniquely and randomly auto-generated Vampires on Avalanche Network. Motivation behind the project is to bring high quality dark-fantasy art, highest reflection rates to minters/holders and ultimately an NFT gaming experience to Avalanche ecosystem.

Minting a Chained Vampire you can:

  • Recieve a portion of 20% minting fee reflections.
  • Earn life-time 5% royalty from each time your minted vampire sold on marketplace.
  • Earn a portion of 4% reflections from marketplace sales.
  • Create gen-2 vampires with your Vampire.
  • Experience vampirism with your unique NFT inside Chained Vampires Clan ecosystem.
Last modified 8mo ago