50% Rewards
3500 Minted
When the 3500th Vampire is minted, Caged Human Slave NFTs will be airdropped to all existing vampire owners (1 for each).

Caged Human Slaves

Male and Female Caged Human Slave NFTs
These special NFTs will be used to breed Gen-2 vampires. Slaves can be bitten by your vampire and turned into a random gen-2 vampire.
There will be 7.000 male and 7.000 female slaves in total (total of 3500 slaves will be airdropped to first 50% minters).
After your vampire bites the slave, the slave NFT will be burned and a random Gen-2 vampire will be generated & minted for you. DNA and attributes of your vampire directly affects the created vampire. The gender of generated vampire will be the same gender as the bitten slave.
With this airdrop, you will have the chance of generating your first Gen-2 vampire for free.
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