100% Rewards
7000 Minted
When all vampires are minted, Chained Vampires Marketplace will be opened and marketplace reflections & royalties will be activated.
If you choose to list your vampire on another NFT marketplace, you wonโ€™t be able to claim royalties & marketplace reflections on your vampire since we have no control over smart contract of other marketplaces. For this reason, we suggest listing vampires on our own marketplace for maximum profitability of the community.
Since the total volume on Marketplace is beneficial for all holders, weโ€™ll make huge investments on marketing the project and creating additional incentives for holding at least one Chained Vampire. At this point, our priority will be increasing secondhand sale volumes.
Chained Vampires Gen-2 contract will be deployed at this stage as well and marketplace support will be added for listing Gen-2 vampires.
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