Visual Traits of Chained Vampires
As Chained Vampires Clan, even though we have a variety of incentivizing tokenomic models, we still believe that an NFT should be a top-quality artwork. That’s why we’ve put a lot of effort on creating the visual traits of vampires and designed even the smallest details with great care.
Each vampire is unique. Some attributes are only available to certain races. Total of 400 different attributes are available for both male and female vampires in terms of: Background, aura circle, body type & color, hair, eyes, forehead, mouth & fangs, nose, clothes, glasses, necklace, earrings and tattoo.
Vampires have unique DNAs, unalterable in anyway. DNA is assigned according to randomly selected traits during generation of the minted vampire. Generative art engine makes sure that there can’t be two vampires with the same DNA, which ensures each generated vampire is unique.
You can easily see the traits and race of your vampire on “Inventory” menu on our website. Clicking the image of your vampire opens its Vampire ID card with various information available including id number, earned rewards, rarity and DNA.
Vampire ID Card
You can download the full size image of your vampire by clicking “Download” icon on top-right side of the ID card.
All NFT images and metadata are pinned on IPFS and Pinata. We do not use any kind of centralized servers for our dApp
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