Gen-2 Vampires
How to create Gen-2 Vampires?
Gen-2 vampires cannot be minted directly. The only way to obtain a Gen-2 vampire is to generate it!


  1. 1.
    Gen-1 Chained Vampire
  2. 2.
    Caged Human Slave (male or female)
  3. 3.
    Blood Bank (if Gen-1 Vampire is at dormant state)


In order to start Gen-2 process, related function is called from Chained Vampires Act-2 smart contract.

Step-1: DNA Calculation

We have mentioned that each Chained Vampire is born with an unique DNA. This DNA has direct effect on gen-2 vampire that your vampire produces. But first, smart contract needs to obtain that DNA from the metadata.
Obtaining the DNA from metadata
After taking biter vampire's DNA as input, Act-2 smart contract can calculate DNA for Gen-2 vampire.

Step-2: Generating Visual Traits

Generative Art Engine V2 takes calculated DNA from the Act-2 smart contract and constructs the image of the Gen-2 vampire as well as it's metadata.
Generative Art Engine V2
Visual traits are selected randomly in a range that DNA allows. For example a Scavenger cannot reach Elder traits since it's DNA won't map into traits of an Elder. This feature ensures scarcity of rare species as well as preserves randomness.
Gender of the generated vampire is always the same as used slave's gender.

Step-3: IPFS Pinning, Minting of NFT into User's Wallet

At this point our Gen-2 vampire is created and its metadata is ready.
Image and the metadata will be uploaded to IPFS and pinned to Pinata. After minting the NFT, following function will be called to assign generated traits to its tokenId.
_setTokenURI(uint256 tokenId, string _tokenURI)

What happens after the process is finished?

  1. 1.
    Randomly generated Gen-2 vampire is minted to user's wallet.
  2. 2.
    Gen-1 vampire goes into dormant mode and cannot be used anymore unless it is restored with blood bank.
  3. 3.
    Caged Human Slave NFT is burnt.
State of the NFTs after the generation process

Total Supplies

  • Caged Human Slave: 7000 male , 7000 female (3500 of them will be airdropped to first 50% minters)
  • Blood Bank: 10.000 (5250 of them will be airdropped to first 75% minters)

Sneak-peak into Gen-2 Vampires